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Modded Controllers

                 For a customized gaming experience, modded controllers are the only way to go. With a modded controller, you can build your own customized interface to connect you fully to the game. Whether you need just the right trigger settings for a first-person shooter or quick directional controls for optimum agility, mod controllers can give you total command over every setting possible. Our modified controllers are built to your exact specifications, and are compatible with multiple gaming systems. 


Xbox Modded Controllers

                 Our Xbox One modded controllers run the gamut from military-grade non-slip controllers for stability and solidity to modded Xbox controllers that feature lights, chrome, and a wide variety of settings. Or, you can create your own modded Xbox 360 controller or Xbox One controller to get exactly what you want. Want even more control? Create a DIY xbox mod controller with one of our kits. We also supply parts, so you can fix up and create your own modded Xbox controller based on one you already have. Whether you need a modded controller for Xbox 360 or Xbox One, we have you covered. With an Xbox modded controller, custom is the name of the game. 


Other Modded Controllers

                   Beyond Xbox controllers, we also offer a range of other options. Build your own modded PS3 controller, from a Black Ops 2 specific model to an Xbox controller rewired for ps3. Rapid fire controllers are also available for multiple systems. Our rapid fire controller line is unbeatable, both in value and within whatever game you’re winning.